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a) The marketing and production of every type of merchandise and product in general and especially the marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants,.ASEs, solid fuels and all types of related products b) the proccessing of the above or other type of product c) the marketing and/or production of all forms of energy, such as, for example, electricity, (on condition, as especially for electricity, as long as it is a legal requirement, that the company shares be registered), other forms of innocuous or renewable sources of energy, etc d) All forms of profitable transportation e) the representation of domestic or foreign businesses f) the conduct of any kind of related bussiness g) The study and construction of technical works especially those to do with liquid fuel outlets, car parks, marinas, oil installations, solid fuels, other sources of energy, etc h) The provision of services related to the above i) The participation in existing and/or in com panies of all types that may be formed in the future, of which the ultimate aims of the present company, as well as any other form of collaboration with companies of the above type

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