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Within the subject of operation, the company shall perform the following activities: 14.11 Extracting stone for construction 14.50 Extractin of other minerals and stone unmentioned elsewhere 26.30 Cutting, shaping and processing of stone 45.11 Pulling down and disassembling of objects, excavations works 45.12 Test drilling and sounding 45.25 Other constructing matters, including specific matters 45.43 Assembling of floor and wall linings, 50.10 Sale of motor vehicles 50.30/1 Wholesale trade on parts and equipment for motor vehicles 50.30/2 Retail sale on parts and equipment for motor vehicles 50.50 Retail sale on motor fuels 51.21 Wholesale trade with cereals, seed and food for livestock food wholesale 51.23 Wholesale trade on livestock 51.24 Wholesale trade with raw, unfinished and finished leather wholesale 51.31 Wholesale trade with fruit and vegetable 51.32 Meat and meat products wholesale 51.34 wholesale trade for alcoholic and other drinks 51.35 Wholesale trade for tobacco products 51.39 Unspecialized wholesale trade on food, drinks and tobacco 51.41 Wholesale trade on textile 51.43 Wholesale trade on electrical devices and radio and TV sets 51.51 Wholesale trade on solid, fluid and gas fuels and similar products 51.53 Wood, constructing materials and sanitary equipment wholesale 51.54 Metallic goods, pipes, devices and equipment for central heating wholesale, e.t.c. The company shall conduct the following activities in the foreign trade traffic: a) Foreign trade with food products b) Foreign trade with non food products c) Representation and mediation in the trade with third persons d) Sale of goods from consignment warehouses e) Reexport.


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